Udaariyaan 10th September 2021 Written Update: Tejo to return Virk house


Episode begins with Fateh’s father (Khushbeer) Pushing him. He asks Fateh and Jasmine to leave the house. Fateh takes Jasmine’s hand and walks outside. Fateh’s mother (Gurpreet) says Fateh will not go anywhere. Instead, she asks Jasmine to leave. Nimmo too insults Jasmine. Disheartened Jasmine will walk out of the house. Fateh tries to stop her but his mother will tell him he will see his face her dead if he goes behind Jasmine.

Everybody scolds Fateh for choosing Jasmine and cheating on Tejo. Jasmine cries walking on the road. Rupy (Tejo and Jasmine’s father) tries to handle broken Tejo. Fateh doesn’t listen to his family’s advice of leaving Jasmine. He says to everyone that Tejo has her family with her but Jasmine doesn’t have anyone for her. He makes his mother leave his hand and runs to find Jasmine. This shocks his family.

Tejo is at Sandhu house. She reminisces her childhood memories with Tejo. She remembers how every time she took Jasmine’s miseries on herself. In this process, she mistakenly breaks her and Fateh’s photo frame. She cries badly and break her Chudhaa. Other side Fateh crazily search for Jasmine everywhere. B’ Praak’s, Qismat title song plays in the background. Rupy tries to handle Tejo.

Jasmine calls her Satti (Tejo and Jasmine’s mother). Rupy picks up her call and scold her. He compares her with Daayan. Phone gets disconnected. Jasmine cries badly. Rupy realize how everytime Tejo had to make a scarifice. He tell Tejo that this time she doesn’t not have to forgive Jasmine. Jasmine walks on road remembering everybody’s scoldings. She meets with an accident.

Fateh finds Jasmine injured badly. He takes her to the hospital. Everybody at Sandhu house is sad. Fateh’s father goes to meet Tejo at Sandhu house. He stops Tejo from touching his feet and ask her to call him ‘papa’. Khusbeer makes Tejo his daughter. He requests Tejo to return Virk house. He tells her that he threw Fateh and Jasmine out.

Satti refuses to send Tejo with Fateh’s father. Fateh’s father even fold his hands but Tejo refuses. He leaves saying he will wait for her. Fateh’s grandmother and rest of the family feels bad for Tejo. They get angry on Fateh for cheating on Tejo. Only Gurpreet and Nimmo side with Fateh. this angers Khusbeer.

Fateh returns home with injured Jasmine. He tells everyone that Jasmine committed suicide. Khusbeer says Jasmine cannot enter Virk house.

Precap: Mahi will inform Tejo that her grandmother got an attack. She will also tell that doctor said another attack will not be good for her. Jasmine and Fateh will be seen taking care of Fateh’s grandmother. Tejo will return shocking Jasmine and Fateh

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